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Janine Katharina Pötsch

Executive Partner
Your Expert in

Executive Coaching, Career Counselling 
and Communication & Presentation





"Live your life and be yourself."

Janine Katharina Pötsch is one of the best-known image trainers in the German-speaking world. The expert for impact and presence in career and business shows her clients how to present themselves effectively and with style at every business level in order to advance their careers or increase their sales.


She has already helped more than 2,000 people - mainly entrepreneurs, politicians, top business people and managers - to achieve a credible and confident appearance. The sophisticated businesswoman is her own best ambassador and a popular interview partner for radio, television and the press.


Janine Katharina Pötsch is a trained businesswoman who studied business administration, marketing, PR and communication. She advises cross-sector medium-sized companies, luxury and lifestyle companies, companies from the service and trade sectors, IT, finance and consulting, media companies and private practices.


The cultivated and eloquent trainer is both a consultant and business coach. She supports specialists and managers as well as teams in effectively presenting themselves as brand ambassadors with style, etiquette, profitable cooperation and appreciative communication in line with the image of the company.

  • Study / Qualifications
    • Studies in Business Administration (FAU Nuremberg, Euro FH Hamburg)
    • Diploma in Communication Management (BAW Munich)
    • Diploma in Event Management
    • Communication Trainer (SGD, BSA Akademie)
    • Train-the-Trainer (IHK)
    • Knigge-Trainer (Knigge-Akademie Essen)
    • Personal and Business Coach (SGD /Dr. Migge, Porto Westfalia)
    • Colour, Style & Image Consultant (Typ Akademie Limburg, Schule Anne Weber, SGD)
    • Make-up artist (Woman Styling Munich)
    • Wholesale & foreign trade merchant (IHK Cottbus)
  • Main Areas of Consulting
    • Business /Executive Coaching for specialists and executives /Career counselling
    • communication training
    • Appearance & impact in business /personal brand development
    • Image consulting and stylistic confidence in business
    • Business etiquette and business dinner
    • Industry Expertises and Functional Competencies: across the board
  • Work Experiences
    • Image consultant and coach for personality development
    • Training, coaching and consulting for specialists and executives, teams and universities/institutions of further education
    • Interim management and consulting in the areas of sales and event management
    • Assistant to the management in the real estate industry as well as in various consulting companies
  • Interests

    Golfing, skiing, art & culture (opera, theatre, museum), travelling & sightseeing (exploring other countries/cultures), hiking, psychology & people, spirituality, personal development, cooking, dining out and champagne.

Janine Katharina Pötsch
Stadtplatz 10
D-83714 Miesbach

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