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The INQIMACO® Training & HR Management Consultants GmbH & Co. KG is specialized in Consulting and Moderating as well as Training and Coaching in the market segment with very high quality and practical demands on professional Personnel and Organizational Development, HR Consulting as well as Leadership.

  • New generation of top consultants, trainers and coaches!

    Only top consultants (consultants, trainers and coaches) with high quality and proven professional and personal expertise, who have themselves been real specialists and managers on the customer side, can speak with customers and their employees, as well as INQIMACO®-internally, in a dialogue at eye level.


    Based on a deep understanding of the respective customer companies, their strengths and possible areas of development (brand awareness), we develop tailor-made and target-oriented solutions and implement these in partnership with the customer and its employees. Every INQIMACO® consultant looks after his customers personally and with full responsibility, and meticulously manages his projects to the best possible success.


    Above-average specialist knowledge, personal characteristics full of character and a high level of motivation are and will remain the basis for personal and entrepreneurial success. Only adaptable, adaptive and resilient companies that repeatedly achieve top quality without compromise are permanently one step ahead of the competition, can become brands and set standards.


    Through our self-image and our quality standards, INQIMACO® consultants belong to a new generation of consultants, trainers and coaches with a clear positioning. These are essential differences in quality and an expression of our understanding of professionalism. We value personal contact with people and have the ambition to develop and implement the best possible solutions.


    On the basis of the best knowledge and conscience, this creates long-term cooperation and trust between all those involved in the consulting process.

  • Partnership organisation

    As a partnership organisation, we operate completely independently in economic terms. Business policy and daily work are determined exclusively by the INQIMACO® shareholders and partners. This guarantees our objectivity as well as the high level of identification of our consultants and partners with INQIMACO® and our goals.


    We practice entrepreneurship, responsibility and community on the basis of a value system that is binding for us. Our corporate culture is characterised by trust and partnership, professionalism and passion, as well as a variety of competences and ideas. It is an essential reason for our successes and our pleasure in our work. We have a holistic view of humanity and focus on our clients and their employees.


    Our clients include both nationally and internationally successful industrial, commercial and service companies of various sectors, sizes and legal forms, from traditional family businesses to listed corporations. We work primarily for clients who appreciate the potential of long-term and trusting cooperation.

  • Our quality, performance & social standards, with guarantees!

    We take our social responsibility beyond legal requirements. Our thoughts and actions are based equally on sustainability and resource orientation in the areas of economy, ecology and social issues in accordance with the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). We have committed ourselves to this in our business strategy.


    We base our successfully proven quality of methods and processes on the professional principles developed by the Federal Association of German Management Consultants (BDU), including the codes of conduct contained therein, as well as the strict and ethical principles of the globally active AESC. We use one of Europe's leading software solutions in personnel consulting, are networked at the highest technical level with the media, even in niches, and invest in the latest system technologies required for top performance.


    In addition, we provide you with further security with comprehensive guarantees, so that INQIMACO® is an ideal partner for you when it comes to professional consulting and moderation as well as training and coaching with very high quality standards.

  • As a “we-brand” unique, innovative & successful!

    With INQIMACO® we are part of a high-performance group of companies with the other brands INSEMACO® in the business field of Recruiting & Executive Search Consulting and INSECOGO® in the business field of Worldwide Search & Executive Consulting. We are a group and a team of consultants, trainers and coaches with a high degree of local proximity and expertise. In addition, we have international competence through the experience of our consultants and our comprehensive network of equally qualified partners worldwide in the respective countries, bundled by INSECOGO®.


    We shape the future. Together with our clients and their employees we achieve high benefits and added value. Our excellent price-performance ratio in terms of target group orientation, quality, time, efficiency and price clearly sets us apart from the competition. Become a part of our we-brand concept: a strong we, which connects us together with our customers and its employees, in the team, INQIMACO®- and group-internally and as part of society.

The high competitive pressure, complexity and permanent change require companies to rethink their personnel, organizational and management issues. This new way of thinking led to the development of our holistic and innovative concept Personnel Management 5.0.


Due to the close connection between corporate and personnel strategy (HR Strategy), the core task of personnel management is to ensure that the personnel required to achieve the objectives are available in an efficient organization. In order to fulfil this core task, the HR Instruments (personnel development, organizational development, recruiting & outplacement) and HR Special Topics & Tools/Methods of a holistic and innovative personnel management have to be used professionally. In this respect, our INQIMACO® Personnel Management 5.0 covers the following topics:

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