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The main task of strategic management is to secure the long-term and sustainable existence and success of a company. The strategy development and implementation process usually takes place in phases. In practice, however, the individual phases cannot be clearly separated from each other, but, for example, in the case of new essential findings, the developed strategy may have to be reconsidered.


The approach and methodology of strategic thinking and action must be adapted to the increasing complexity and dynamics of change in globally networked systems. The following applies

  • with due rapidity,
  • identify the right strategic opportunities and
  • to transform them into sustainable successes with the necessary implementation power, and
  • to find and retain the right employees for the achievement of objectives with attractiveness.


Our consultants, trainers and coaches have themselves been successful specialists and managers, have experience at all management levels and comprehensive know-how in the areas of strategic management as well as strategic planning and implementation. We act as sparring partners in terms of content, supporting and moderating the customer-specific strategy development and implementation process.

  • INQIMACO® Strategy Process

    The INQIMACO® Strategy Process runs according to rolling and repeating phases, if necessary, which are adapted to the respective requirements of a company. We structure the strategy development and implementation process in 5 phases tailored to the customer-specific individual topics and objectives, as shown below:


    1. Initiation phase (planning / design of the strategy development process)

    • Strategic early warning and risk management.
    • Where and how should strategic initiatives arise in the company?
    • Who should be involved in strategy development?
    • What resources should be made available for strategy development or initiatives?


    2. Analysis phase (current situation)

    • Values: clarify and create a common value basis (culture).
    • Environmental analysis: industry structure & dynamics, trends, opportunities & threats, internal stakeholders, customers, competitors, benchmarking, technology life cycles, product/market life cycle model, market entry opportunities etc.
    • Company/organizational analysis: internal value chain/processes, own strengths & weaknesses, cost-benefit ratio of individual activities, competence & resource analysis etc.
    • Interactions between environment and organization: positioning, possibilities for action, strategic options, synergy effects etc.


    3. Conception and selection phase (target situation, vision / main idea)

    • Development of corporate goals as a benchmark for corporate performance.
    • Derivation of the organizational goals, as the desired condition in which the organization should be for the realization of the enterprise goals.
    • Development (creativity) and formulation of concrete strategies and respectively required measures including plausibility and feasibility checks (scenarios, forecasts).
    • Overall corporate strategy: growth, stabilization, shrinkage.
    • Business unit strategies: market penetration, product/market development, diversification.
    • Competitive strategies / competitive advantages: Cost leadership, differentiation, concentration on focal points (market niche).
    • Corporate strategies: portfolio management, restructuring, know-how transfer, task centralization.
    • Functional area strategies: personnel, marketing, finance, purchasing, etc.
    • Examination of the strategic options developed for compatibility with the vision / guiding idea, and if necessary, adaptation or further development of the strategic options or the vision / guiding idea.
    • Vision / main idea: giving the company orientation, meaning, continuity and stability.
    • Success / profitability planning of different scenarios
    • Selection (decision criteria) of the most suitable strategy.


    4. Implementation/implementation phase

    • Operational (medium & short term) planning: Translating strategy into concrete measures.
    • Business plan, project management, change management, budgeting etc.
    • Internal and external communication.
    • Goal-oriented implementation with implementation power.


    5. Success control and further development

    • Ongoing controlling and rolling planning / further development.
    • Regular reflection: effectiveness of the measures? Need for change?
    • Controlling of sub-goals, target agreements, quality management etc.
  • Business / Business plan

    As part of the strategy development and implementation process, the entire strategic planning is presented and explained in detail in writing in the business/business plan. We structure, document and make the strategy process transparent and communicable for target-performance analyses and for internal and external stakeholders:


    1. Business model / corporate concept

    Milestones, vision / guiding idea, values, mission, goals, strategies, business areas, core competencies, adaptability, leadership principles etc.


    2. Target market

    External framework conditions (industry, market potential, trends, opportunities & threats, customers, competitors, market entry opportunities etc.), internal framework conditions (value chain/processes, strengths & weaknesses, competence & resource analysis etc.), fields of action (positioning, options for action, strategic options, synergy effects, scenarios etc.).


    3. Objectives, strategies and measures

    Overall corporate strategy, business area strategies, competitive strategies / competitive advantages, functional area strategies, corporate strategies, concrete measures to achieve goals, etc.


    4. Service and product portfolio

    Portfolio, services, legal requirements, property rights, development & quality assurance etc.


    5. Marketing and sales

    Market segmentation, positioning, product & service policy, pricing policy, sales policy, communication policy, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty etc.


    6. Management, personnel and organization

    Management principles, key persons (specialists & executives), organizational structure, personnel planning, controlling & reporting, project management, change management etc.


    7. Opportunities and risks

    Environment, operational opportunities & risks, scenarios (best, most likely and worst case) etc.


    8. Financial and performance planning

    Sales & cost planning (personnel, investments etc.), financial, success and profitability planning etc.


    9. Success control

    Controlling, risk management etc.

  • Check & Review in the area of Strategy

    With our Check & Review in the area of strategy we support strategic management as well as strategic planning and implementation. We are sparring partners, checking plausibility and the implementation of measures. In particular, the following topics are subjected to a Check & Review:


    1. Strategic management / management team

    • Composition & cooperation in the management team, leadership principles, vision / guiding idea, values (culture) etc.
    • strategic early warning, risk management, resources for strategy development or initiatives etc.


    2. Strategy development

    • Environmental analyses, company/organization analyses, interactions between environment and organization etc.
    • Overall corporate strategy, business area strategies, competitive strategies, functional area strategies, corporate strategies, etc.


    3. Strategy implementation

    • Operational (medium & short term) planning, business plan, project management, change management, budgeting, implementation milestones etc.
    • Internal and external communication etc.


    4. Success control and further development

    • Ongoing controlling of partial goals, target agreements, quality management, etc.
    • Regular reflection and rolling planning / further development etc.


    If our Check & Review is carried out systematically, then the implementation capacity in the company is improved. In addition, critical issues are also addressed sensitively and solution-oriented in the management team and measures are jointly developed.

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