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Recruiting and releasing staff (reducing overcapacity) are normal components of "managing personnel changes" in the economy.


The complexity, dynamics and diversity of future-oriented technologies, media, networks and databases lead to the question of the efficiency and transparency of many methods such as Media, Direct as well as Web and Social Media Search. The targeted use and innovative combination of these modern methods increases the success in the search and selection of specialists and executives and led to the development of our Recruiting 5.0, which can also be an essential part of our clients' organizations.

Our proactive recruiting 5.0 addresses candidates who are looking for a new challenge in the relevant media both actively and passively or latently, who signal relatively high interest in career opportunities on Internet portals or by entering them in databases. We develop a recruiting process for our clients that is tailored to their goals and requirements with a target group-specific mix of coordinated search methods, tools and channels for approaching candidates.


As search methods we use job advertisements (Media Search), search and approach in social networks or on other online portals (Web & Social Media Search). With this approach we very effectively promote relationship management in active scouring for top candidates, the employer branding of our clients and the Candidate Experience during the search and selection process.


If necessary, we can also provide fast and effective support. On the one hand with our direct search in industry networks, internal & external databases or with recommendations of personal contacts. On the other hand with hand-picked top candidates in our exclusive candidate pool, checked for fit.

In search projects in which we use our Recruiting 5.0, we already achieve high response rates and suitable candidate profiles quickly and efficiently, so that more complex and cost-intensive search methods in the honest and trustworthy manner that distinguishes us from other competitors are often not necessary.


In Recruiting 5.0, key topics include active sourcing and the associated multitude of sources, the frequently changing general conditions, and the stimulus satiation on the candidate side. Key performance indicators (KPIs) for our systematic approach are the number and percentage of candidates in the Ident and Response depending on industry, function, region and demographic change. It is essential to have a target group-specific and professional identification and communication with top candidates at eye level, so that we can support you up to an individual inbound sourcing.


The strength of our Recruiting 5.0 results primarily from targeted addressing (matching) with high reach, individual and marketing optimised job advertisements, media analyses, as well as cost and time savings in the entire recruitment process up to successful filling.

The INSEMACO® Recruiting 5.0 process is a holistic approach with 7 defined sub-processes based on best practices and the latest scientific findings in the areas of media, direct as well as web and social media search, selection procedures and personnel consulting.

Staff redundancies through staff reductions are associated with the termination or termination of employment contracts. Decisive for the extent of the consequences of separation measures - on corporate culture, image, motivation, trust, costs, success, etc. - is the subjective feeling about fair or unfair staff reductions. With a professional separation management, which is supported by out- or newplacement, positive effects can be achieved.


We structure our outplacement consulting in 4 phases tailored to the customer-specific objectives as well as individual topics, as shown in the following example:


1. Determination of location

  • Personal situation, well-being: Self-confidence/esteem
  • Analyse knowledge and skills
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Self-perception and perception by others
  • Create career path
  • Create performance profile


2. Determination of objectives

  • Analyse professional potential and aptitudes
  • Determine personal wishes and general conditions
  • Matching wishful thinking with know-how and potential
  • Find, set and formulate goals


3. Develop and implement strategy

  • Identify job markets
  • set priorities
  • Develop a procedure for addressing the market
  • Cover letter for job offers, formulate unsolicited applications (by post, e-mail, online version)
  • place job applications
  • Create professional application documents
  • conduct research


4. Coaching and training

  • Determine professional and personal qualification needs
  • Telephone training for the company address
  • Presentation / self-presentation of knowledge and achievements
  • Train conversation situations
  • Training for job interviews

The main goals of our outplacement consulting are:

  • Avoidance or reduction of internal and external image loss among employees and as a potential employer (employer branding).
  • Avoidance of false interpretations, rumours and other negative group dynamic developments.
  • Reduction of motivation and performance losses among those leaving the company and those who continue to be employed.
  • Avoidance of frictional losses at the workplace during the remaining term of the employment relationship.
  • Assuming social responsibility towards departing employees: consensual, fair and socially responsible separation of employees as well as help for self-help for professional reorientation.
  • Avoidance or reduction of legal disputes in the separation process.
  • Reduction of costs for the separation process.
  • Positive effect and "reassurance" of business partners (customers, suppliers, cooperation partners, etc.).

The success of outplacement & consulting is often influenced by the following factors:



Strategic business decisions do not usually come out of the blue. The more time an affected person has until dismissal, the less pressure he or she has. In addition, an applicant who applies for a job from within a company has better chances than a job seeker.



How the decision to part with employees for operational reasons is received depends largely on the comprehensibility - figures, data and facts - of the decision taken.


Holistic approach

Change processes are complex and are often perceived as unpleasant and threatening not only by those directly affected. The effects on remaining employees, customers, suppliers, cooperation partners and on the image of the company must also be taken into account.


Communication design

Personnel separation is a management task. In this respect, managers should be involved in the outplacement process as soon as possible. This leads to avoidable irritation among those affected internally and externally.



The most important messages should be clearly formulated so that there is no room for misinterpretation, rumours and other negative group dynamic developments.


Fairness and appreciation

The fairer and more appreciative an outplacement process is, the more sustainable the measures will be for the employees concerned and the company. Even in a crisis situation, win-win effects can be achieved.


Expertise of the consultants

One quality criterion for outplacement consulting is the expertise of the consultants. With us as consultants, you receive, among other things, career knowledge, professional coaching, diagnostic skills, networks, industry know-how, as well as goal and success orientation and individual solutions.


Acceptance of the consulting

In professional reorientation, there must be a considerable degree of openness in the joint work between those affected and those providing advice. In this respect, confidentiality and trust is an essential prerequisite for the acceptance of our consulting services.


For reasons of better legibility, the simultaneous use of gender-specific language forms is dispensed with.


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