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Our self-conception as well as our positioning is based on 7 core elements, which create clarity with regard to the expectations of our clients and their employees and make us a “we-brand”:

  • We are INQIMACO®: a partnership organisation and brand in the business field of Training & HR Management Consulting specialising in consulting and moderation as well as training and coaching in the market segment with very high quality and practical demands on professional personnel and organisational consulting and training services.
  • We are a "we" brand: top quality of a brand and our understanding of "we". A strong we that connects us together with our clients and their employees, in the team, internally, within our group of companies and as part of society.
  • We are part of a high-performance group of companies with the INQIMACO®, INSEMACO® and INSECOGO® we-brand family. Our brands stand for specialisation, effectiveness and success in implementation.
  • We are independent business consultants (consultants, trainers and coaches) with traditional as well as character-related basic values and convictions.
  • We are specialists and quality partners at eye level through proven competencies and expertise.
  • We are solution and value-added partners through success and long-term business relationships characterized by mutual respect.
  • We offer top quality at an excellent price/performance ratio with comprehensive guarantees.
  • We work with future-oriented technologies and processes. We strive for continuous improvement and innovation.
  • For our clients, we advise, train and coach all employees and at all management levels up to top management.
  • For our clients and their employees we are a trusted partner.
  • We act exclusively for our clients.
  • For our customers and their employees we are a comprehensive service partner for all questions concerning a project or process.
  • We are explicitly not a franchise company or any other network.

  • We are business consultants with joy, energy, decision-making power, speed and assertiveness.
  • We assume economic, ecological and social responsibility.
  • We provide personal advice in the sense of "One Face to the Customer" and thus ensure a high degree of continuity in our cooperation.
  • We are - if necessary - "lateral thinkers" of new ideas, approaches, topics, methods etc. and have the courage to explore new paths.
  • We are prepared to take well-considered risks.
  • We have the ability for self-reflection and are open to criticism.
  • Ongoing professional and personal development is a matter of course for us.
  • We have committed ourselves internally to our self-image and positioning by means of a written agreement.

  • Our way of thinking and acting is characterized by economic, social and ecological values as well as by a handshake mentality.
  • Our economic values and attitudes include above all success through professionalism, competence, quality, efficiency, willingness to perform, time and cost awareness.
  • Our social values are in particular mindfulness, respect, appreciation, sincerity, truth, fairness, transparency, clarity, openness, sense of responsibility, conscientiousness, loyalty, seriousness, trust, a holistic view of humanity and equal opportunities.
  • Our ecological values include environmental protection and energy efficiency. We commit ourselves to sustainability and resource conservation through recycling (reusability), Green-IT (optimization of energy consumption) and energy efficiency according to the - in the respective country locally - usual conditions and generally applicable regulations.

  • We are efficient, fast and full of ideas.
  • We face the dynamics of our environment with a high degree of adaptability.
  • We realize our goals with a hands-on mentality.

  • We enjoy the professional passion and success of everyone involved in our projects.
  • Above all we are likeable, humorous and authentic people.
  • With our leopard as our brand motif, we express our way of working and our emotions and passion.
  • We pursue an individual work-life balance, in which all areas of life are optimally balanced.
  • Our holistic view of humanity also includes the best possible personal pursuit of professional and private goals based on an individual awareness of life's motives, attitudes, values, abilities and desires.

  • We have evidence and references of our success and offer comprehensive guarantees.
  • Our excellent price/performance ratio includes clearly defined service packages, fee agreements based on the expected effort and complexity of a project, as well as comprehensive guarantees.
  • As a trusted partner, we give our customers planning and budget security.

  • Proven successes of all those involved in the consulting process as well as acquired trust are the standards by which we are measured.
  • We use and improve key performance indicators (KPIs) for systematic success, such as key indicators in the areas of human resources, sales, customers, projects and quality depending on the respective industry and other conditions to be taken into account, such as region and demographic change.

For reasons of better legibility, the simultaneous use of gender-specific language forms is dispensed with.


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