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The success of a company is primarily dependent on the performance and willingness of its employees. The systematic recording and evaluation of competencies, potentials, values, as well as the motivational and driving structure of specialists and executives - in particular through diagnostic selection and personality analyses, assessments and management audits - has become an important element of modern human resources work.

  • Advantages of support from INQIMACO®
    • Consultants with academic expertise, scientifically certified expertise and many years of assessment experience,
    • high quality of results through the use of scientifically based instruments with high objectivity, reliability and validity
    • Discretion, sensitivity and empathy throughout the diagnostic process,
    • Comprehensive presentation of results and feedback interviews for candidates and clients with differentiated knowledge acquisition, and
    • neutral and objective assessment from the perspective of professional and independent specialists.
  • Goals of competence and potential analyses
    • Quality improvements by supporting and securing personnel decisions and development measures through aptitude diagnostics,
    • Predictions regarding the probable success of a professional or manager in future situations,
    • minimizing risks when filling key and top positions with highly qualified specialists and managers, and
    • Savings of time and above all costs.
  • Motives, goals and values of Experts and Executives

    According to a Gallup study on emotional employee loyalty to their employer in Germany, only 15 percent of employees have a high emotional attachment to their company. The result: the majority of performance potential remains unused and the high number of internal layoffs costs the German economy more than 70 billion euros annually. In comparison, the proportion of employees with high emotional ties in Austria and Switzerland is around 11 percent.


    Against this background, recruitment and development measures should aim to place employees in an environment in which they are motivated to perform at their best. The result is a new quality in personnel selection and development that is characterized by sustainability.


    The relevant personality motives, goals and values should already be taken into account when formulating the requirements for the job advertisement, but also when diagnosing the suitability of candidates in the selection process. This increases the chance of finding those employees who, in addition to professional competence, have the right personality that can be expected to provide lasting self-motivation.


    Knowledge of how individual personality traits can be used as potential also helps to make better decisions when it comes to planning career paths and taking the right development steps. Conversely, it also prevents wrong decisions from being made, because personality profiles can be used as a basis for making predictions about behaviour in certain situations, such as under high pressure, in project teams or in managerial functions.

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