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Specialists and managers must be able to master today's challenges with confidence and a high degree of implementation power. In addition to pure professional competence, eloquence and sovereignty with individual charisma are indispensable for professional - and also private - success and become key qualifications depending on the position and task.


Our consultants, trainers and coaches have themselves been successful specialists and managers, have experience at all levels of management and comprehensive know-how in building and developing skills in the areas of eloquence, presentation, conversation and negotiation skills, body language, individual charisma, sales rhetoric & psychology and business etiquette. The strength of our trainings and coaching is our comprehensive thinking and acting as well as the high goal and practice orientation with direct transfer guarantee for the daily work.


Among the possible competencies that can be developed - company-specific, personal and often with the involvement of the respective specialists and managers - in a development measure tailored to the concrete challenges are amongst others:

Professional competencies

Vocabulary, choice of words, "the first impression", styles of speech, lectures & presentations, speech styles, 100 rhetoric tips, keyword notes/manuscript, attitude & personal contact, eye contact, attention, questioning techniques, pause techniques, position & environment dependent language, Theme- & target group-appropriate aids, use of media & visualisation, self-management, thinking & speaking blockades, blackouts, relaxation techniques, spontaneous & free speech, killer phrases, interrupters & permanent speakers, provocations & attacks, humour etc.


Personal skills

Self-perception & image of others, self-confidence & self-esteem, stage fright, personal stress factors, radiating security etc.

Professional competencies

Conversation & negotiation management, negotiation process, negotiation types & psychology, agenda, competent & goal-oriented argumentation, persuasive power, dialogue orientation, active listening, constructive criticism & acceptance, saying no, recognizing resistance, benefit of objections & objection handling, Ego/ye-messages, position- & environment-dependent formulations, repartee & attacks, improvisation techniques, preparation & flexibility, scenarios, factual & relational level, needs & motives, sympathy & acceptance, conflict & rejection, double-win solutions / strategy, reflection & conversation analysis, unfair dialectics etc.


Personal skills

Self & external image, self-confidence & self-esteem, value awareness, character & honesty, charm, originality, enthusiasm, passion, emotional intelligence etc.

Professional competencies

Body posture & tension, authentic & situationally appropriate body language, body signals, facial expressions & gestures, voice, breathing & speaking technique, personality & charisma, power of impact & persuasion, charisma, distance zones, energetic presence, inner stability, self-control, territorial behaviour, behaviour alternatives etc.


Personal competencies

Self-perception & image of others, values & motives, individuality, credibility, empathy, clarity, conciseness & comprehensibility, world view & image of man etc.

Professional competencies

Goals & motives, factual & relational level, customer types, sales process, phases of the sales conversation, argumentation techniques, double win solutions / strategy, sales closure, closing signals, verbal & non-verbal communication, questioning techniques, objection handling, active listening, elevator pitch, self-PR, solution vs. product sales, price discussion, telephone sales, cross selling etc.


Personal skills

Self-perception and perception of others, individual sales personality/authenticity, motivation, active action orientation, power of implementation, empathy, intuition, persuasiveness, self-coaching, self-reflection, self-organization, self-direction, self-motivation, openness, willingness to learn, sense of humour, mental strength, ability to work under pressure, critical faculties etc.

Manners & forms of courtesy / politeness, tact & respect, "the first impression", greeting & announcement, distance zones, sitting posture, business meals, small talk, story telling, taboo topics, dress & style code, appearance etc.


For reasons of better legibility, the simultaneous use of gender-specific language forms is dispensed with.



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