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In our INQIMACO® concept work-life balance means

  • to consider the human being holistically in the professional and private sphere,
  • to give him the opportunity to fulfil or satisfy his goals (life goals) as well as the tasks, interests and needs that arise individually and in a way that is specific to the phase of life,
  • to be permanently healthy, efficient and balanced, and
  • to experience and further develop a maximum of individual joy of life and attentiveness towards oneself and others


Work-life-balance becomes life-balance when already

  • a high degree of joie de vivre exists or has been developed in the professional as well as private sphere,
  • the boundaries between the two areas more or less disappear,
  • man sees in his life only activities that all give him much pleasure, and
  • thus work is felt like a vocation and only as a partial aspect of the "one" life.
  • Operational Work-Life Balance

    With a company work-life balance, we pursue the goal of successful personnel and organizational development, taking into account private, social, health and cultural aspects. Central topics are the balance between work, family and health.

  • Work-Life Balance Training / Coaching

    Among other things, the following must be taken into account in a tailor-made training / coaching:

    Assessment of the current situation with regard to living & working environment, goals & development potential, company / individual work-life balance plan, organization / self-organization & priorities, management / self-management & time, relaxation & enjoyment, sports & nutrition, implementation power & realisation, mindfulness, value system, life motives, Qi power & Qigong, healthy mind & body, attitudes & stressful life, etc.

  • Qigong (healthy mind & body)

    Among other things, the following must be taken into account in a tailor-made training / coaching:

    Qigong exercises, breathing & movement, Qi & strength, meridians, Qigong for mind & body, system & principles, Yin-Yang, the five elements, the eight trigrams, medical basics, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), acupuncture points, Dantian & Zhoutian, prevention & rehabilitation etc.

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