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The objectives of corporate reorganizations are primarily to increase efficiency and process orientation, reduce costs, concentrate on core competencies and bundle administrative tasks with a concentration of know-how and realize efficiency, cost and quality advantages.


Numerous tasks in the area of human resources take up a lot of time and tie up manpower that could be used more profitably. In our business area HR Outsourcing & Interim we advise and support in the areas of external or internal HR outsourcing.


In the field of external HR outsourcing we distinguish between Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and HR Interim Management Network (HR-IMN). In the area of internal HR outsourcing we advise on the establishment of internal service units in the form of HR Shared Service Centers (HR-SSC).


Our consultants, trainers and coaches have themselves been successful specialists and managers, have experience at all management levels and comprehensive know-how in the analysis, design and development of various organizational forms and their processes.

  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

    In Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), we act as an RPO partner for our clients, taking over the recruitment activities (recruiting) in whole or in part. We develop RPO solutions tailored to the needs of the respective customer and thus realise the individually targeted RPO benefits:

    • Quality improvement by using our professional processes, technologies and methods.
    • Cost efficiency/reduction.
    • Reduction of average recruitment times.
    • Increased flexibility in case of strongly fluctuating recruitment volumes.
    • Increased speed in case of urgent and critical recruitment needs.
    • More timely and quality-oriented filling of more difficult executive search projects.
    • Relief of the company's own HR department by outsourcing complex sub-processes.
    • Permanent process optimization.
    • Reporting and data analysis as a basis for permanent optimisation and innovative concepts in personnel recruitment activities.
    • In particular for small and medium-sized companies, which may have locational disadvantages compared to metropolitan areas: Attracting a sufficient number of talents, more targeted candidate approach, provision of know-how and resources e.g. for targeted active sourcing and employer branding measures etc.
    • Especially for large companies: faster qualitative screening and prioritization of a large number of applications received, acceleration of the application process, shortening of feedback times, faster arrangement of (follow-up) appointments, increased transparency within the process for applicants, etc.
  • HR Interim Management-Network (HR-IMN)

    In the area of HR Interim Management Network (HR-IMN), our self-employed interim managers work for a defined period of time (usually 3-18 months), mostly in entrepreneurial responsibility in a company in a specialist or management position in the area of human resources. Our interim managers are specialists with the professional and personal skills for fast, effective and industry-specific temporary solutions. Possible situations and areas of responsibility - from a human resources perspective - for our interim managers are:

    • Bridging unforeseeable vacancies in the event of the loss of a specialist or manager.
    • Time buffer until an important specialist or management position is filled.
    • Change management projects (including quality improvement).
    • Project management (e.g. capacity increase).
    • Introduction of new programs.
    • Restructuring and reorganization (e.g. increase in know-how).
    • Foundation, transition, takeover or sale of companies.
    • Crisis management / avoidance of insolvency (including dirty jobs critical to success).
    • Strategic realignment of companies or individual business areas.
  • HR Shared Service Center (HR-SSC)

    HR Shared Service Center is an organizational model for internal company services in the area of human resources (personnel administration, payroll accounting, recruiting, training). HR functions and/or tasks that have to be performed in the same or similar form at several points in the enterprise are grouped together centrally (Service Center). The individual decentralized areas or departments of the enterprise can then access this central HR unit as required (shared) to receive the appropriate service.


    The decisive factor is that the HR Shared Service Center and its services act as a professional and market-oriented organizational unit and are also comparable and competitive with external service providers in terms of service, quality and price (costs).


    In this respect, the following objectives and optimization fields/potential arise for an HR Shared Service Center:

    Cost reduction (economies of scale), price-cost transparency (transfer prices), professionalism, synergy effects, resource optimization, entrepreneurial thinking, customer orientation & proximity, service quality, flexibility & speed, process orientation, standardization, market orientation, competition, benchmarking, continuous improvement and value creation.

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